Integrate dialogflow chatbot into number


How to integrate dialogflow chatbot into number

Here we will learn about integrating dialogflow chatbot in mobile number you need to follow our few steps then after you can directly integrate chatbot in mobile number

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Step 1 : Purchase mobile number for chatbot

Do you want to purchase mobile number for chatbot you need to Sign Up in woyce chatbot panel if you have already register in woyce chatbot panel then you have to Login in woyce chatbot panel.

Woyce chatbot provide package for bot integration For more Details visit Package List

woyce chatbot package list

Step 2 : Integrate dialogflow bot into Woyce chatbot

After Package Purchase you have to integrate bot in woyce chatbot panel for integrate Chatbot integration visit our previous blog


Here above image is Bot integration of woyce chatbot with mobile number.

Mobile number integration main purpose is user can get response from your side.

If your mobile number integrate in chatbot then you no need to require to give answer, Bot will give answer from your side.So multiple user at a time get response from your side.

Mobile number integrate chatbot lots of advantages you need to just check user messages and any questions. you no need to require to give reply so you will not boring whole day

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