Dialogflow Basic Introduction


Dialogflow basic Introduction woyce chatbot

In this article we will learn about Dialogflow basic Introduction. Basic introduction like create agent, google assistant response and small talk.

Step 1 : Create agent in dialogflow

First all of you need to sing in Dialogflow, Click on Go to console and login with google.

Google dialogflow login

Then after click on Prebuilt Agents and choose agent from prebuilt agents. for more information see below image of prebuilt agents.

Dialogflow Prebuilt Agents

Google dialoglfow provides Prebuilt Agents so you can choose anyone agent and modify that response and also you can add new google assistant response.

Google Dialogflow Prebuilt Agents

Click on Import and add agent for chatbot, For integrate dialogflow chatbot into your website visit out previous blog.

Step 2 : How to set google assistant response

Click on Intent from left side menu.

Then after click on Create Intent, For more information see below image

Google Dialogflow Intent

Now you have to set basic information, like intent name,Training phrases and response, you have to compulsory set google assistant response in that response.

Google Dialogflow Response

First Set Intent Name, See above image for more information

Then after set Training phrases, Training phrase means user questions Like Hi,Hello, How are you? etc.

Last you have to set Google Assistant response.

For set response follow this below steps.

  • Click on Add(+) icon.
Google Dialogflow Intent
  • Choose Google Assistant.
Google Dialogflow Intent
  • Click on Add Response.
Google Dialogflow Intent

Google assistant provide lots of response so you can choose anyone and add response.

Click on Save and save your intent.

For Test your intent type your question right side menu.

Then press enter and you will get your answer.

Google Dialoflow Intent

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